Framework Agreement With Nscn Im

The NSCN met with Ravi as interlocutor and not as governor. But since Ravi created imbroglio in the talk process, MPs give the mandate to continue the conversation with an IB team as a fast track channel for communication and clarify outstanding points in jurisdiction. „Once everything is clear, the agreement will be at the political level of the Prime Minister,“ he said. By „inclusive“ it means that all Nagas and their territories will be included in the agreement in different administrative units and political camps, and the coexistence of the two entities will mean that Nagas and the Union of India will coexist. The NSCN therefore tells the government that the terms of the agreement should not be contained in the Constitution. The NSCN, while welcoming the real concern of the Naga people to know the details of the skills, said that some of these skills were still being negotiated. Any agreement signed under the Indian Constitution can be published openly, as others do, but the framework agreement and skills developed with the „outside the box“ solution must be careful until they are completed, he said. „In keeping with the position of the other, shared sovereignty has been defined in jurisdiction. As a result, the powers have defined how to share parts of Naga`s sovereignty and vice versa with the Union of India,“ said the NSCN. The reports indicated that the parties to the negotiations felt it was „appropriate“ to share the skills with citizens. Since October 2020, the final agreement has not taken place and differences have arisen due to the request for a special flag, constitution and Nagalim larger by NSCN (IM), which delays and froze the conference process.

R.N. Ravi will meet with the representatives of the six… For now, she also doesn`t want to blame Naga leaders for the disagreements between them, but to make Ravi the only factor behind. They could not have done otherwise, the NSCN argues, because Ravi gave them a „doctoral“ copy of the agreement. Addressing the people of Naga on 14 August, which he celebrated as independence day after British rule with his own flag, Muivah said on the eve of India`s Independence Day: „The agreement also says: „Including the peaceful coexistence of the two entities that share sovereign power.“ The agreement, published by NSCN-IM, called for „sovereign power sharing“ and provides for a „sustainable relationship, including a new relationship of peaceful coexistence between the two entities.“ The three factors blocking the agreement are the Constitution, the flag and the merger of parts of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Manipur, which adjoin Nagaland to form a larger Nagalim. In their initial demands, parts of Myanmar also insisted that they be merged with Nagalim – an impossibility. In his speech to the people of Nagaland on 14 August, Muivah briefly recounted the history of the Naga movement and said that „the framework agreement recognizes the sovereignty of Nagas.“