Immigration Consulting Agreement

The immigration advisor will provide you with a contract (retainer agreement) in which it is stated that if something is not clear in the Retainer agreement, ask for more written explanations. You should understand all the services you pay for. There should be no „hidden“ fees incurred after signing your agreement to retain. The immigration advisor may or may not offer an hourly rate. If it is offered, the hourly price is set in your retainer agreement. The refund policy of your signed hold agreement determines when you can get your money back. General: If you have mandated a new representative, you can have a new IMM 5476 signed Sign Using an IMM 5476 representative form Using a representative form and have your new representative ask for your documents and details to access your immigration application. 6. Contact the immigration advisor who is processing your application directly.

Always use the contact information in our online public registryOnline Public Registry. 1. Check the status of your immigration advisor in our online public registry. The immigration advisor provides a list of any type of application, the cost of each application and the payments due at each stage of the application. While immigration and job search in Canada are often linked, they may require different representatives. In addition to your immigration advisor, you may need to work with a licensed human resources officer. Immigration consultants must comply with a code of professional ethics code of ethics. This code requires immigration consultants to tell you: 7. Contact your employer/school directly if you have any questions about your job or program of study. The immigration advisor will provide a number of hours of preparation, submission, follow-up and ongoing communication, based on your individual case. Remember to always check the ICCRC`s online public registry to confirm the status of your immigration advisor before signing a contract. No one should charge you a job search fee: not the employer, not the human resources officer, not the immigration consultant.

Fees may be influenced by factors such as years of experience, the number of hours worked on your file, the complexity of your case, or the need for other professional services. To get the best possible service, you must inform your immigration advisor of previous refusals and reasons for refusal. The immigration advisor will provide a new strategy for submitting your application and explain how your refusal history can affect the chances of success. You should not be required to pay in full for an app that depends on the success of another app. Also, if you have a monthly payment plan, make sure that you only pay the service fee due on that date. Table of Contents How are you informed? I have been rejected in the past, can you help yourself? What services can I pay for? Who will work on my application? Do I have to pay all my applications in advance? Can I pay you by the hour? Can you help me find a job? Do you receive a commission in collaboration with the employer or school? What will happen if I cancel my contract? Are you going to refund my money? Why are your fees more expensive? Useful tips The immigration advisor is required to return your original documents and indicate all the information you need to proceed with your application. Your future employer may need to submit an application for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). . .