Nairobi Protocol To The Florence Agreement

The agreement was adopted by decision on 17 June 1950 at a UNESCO General Conference in Florence, Italy. It was inaugurated at signing on November 22, 1950 in Lake Success, New York, and entered into force on May 21, 1952. In 2014, it was signed by 29 states and ratified by 102 states, including 101 UN member states and the Holy See. The States that have signed the agreement but have not ratified it are Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guinea-Bissau, Honduras and Peru. There is no time limit for signing or ratifying the agreement. On 26 November 1976, the Protocol to the Convention on the Importation of Educational, Scientific or Cultural Materials was concluded in Nairobi, Kenya. The protocol, also known as the Nairobi Protocol, expands the types of materials covered by the agreement. The Minutes entered into force on 2.