Sample Assignment Of Benefits Agreement

In the event of a dispute over the payment of the work under the AOB agreement, the contractor must inform the insurer in writing at least 10 days before the filing of the appeal to recover payment. And as with the aforementioned contractual requirements, there are very specific substantive requirements for this communication. SERVICE AGREEMENT, ASSIGNMENT OF SERVICES I, the owner/agent for the site below, Erickson`s Drying Systems, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as „Company“), to enter my property, provide materials, provide all equipment and perform all necessary work to preserve my property and protect it from further damage. ASSIGNMENT OF INSURANCE BENEFITS I hereby infringe all insurance rights, benefits, receipts and legal actions under insurance policies in effect at Erickson`s Drying Systems, Inc. for services provided or to be provided by Erickson`s Drying Systems, Inc. In performing this document, I intend that all rights, benefits and revenues from the services provided by Erickson`s Drying Systems, Inc. will be assigned exclusively and exclusively to Erickson`s Drying Systems, Inc. In this context, I waive my data protection rights. I am fulfilling this assignment in consideration of Erickson`s Drying Systems, Inc.`s agreement to provide work, services, materials and to fulfill its obligations under this agreement, including failure to pay in full at the time of service. I hereby make it clear to my insurance organizations to disclose all information requested by Erickson`s Drying Systems, Inc., its representative and/or attorney, in order to obtain actual benefits to be paid by my insurance organization for the services provided or to be provided. DIRECT PAYMENT CREDITS I authorize and clearly indicate the direct payment of benefits or receipts for Erickson`s Drying Systems, Inc. services paid exclusively to Erickson`s Drying Systems, Inc.

and sent exclusively to Erickson`s Drying Systems, Inc. I agree that any part of the work, the deductible(s), improvement, depreciation or extra work that I have requested or that is not covered by other insurance, is ultimately my responsibility. PAYMENT TERMS The terms of payment to the company are 30 days net. The late fee of 1.5% per month is charged to all unpaid assets. The Company is entitled to reimbursement of recovery costs (including reasonable attorneys` fees and expenses) of sums unpaid by the owner/agent, as well as attorneys` fees and attorneys` fees for breach or enforcement of the terms of the entire Service Agreement. AUTHORIZED ANTIMICROBIALS I understand that at the company`s discretion, materials may be treated with a commercial antimicrobial to inhibit the growth of microorganisms during the drying process. I have received prior notice on the use of antimicrobial and/or antimicrobial products as part of the recovery process. I understand that it is not the company`s expertise to determine whether someone is sensitive to its application and believes that the company is unharmed from its use. STOP WORK-HOLD HARMLESS In the event that the company is not allowed to implement its recommended procedures and/or prematurely removes the drying devices, I agree to release the company and keep it unharmed and exempt it from any claim or action arising from such procedures Erickson`s will provide the following services: Emergency Services Construction Breakdown Services Construction Services Digital Signature (full name) * Date * Click c below to accept the above conditions * Yes I agree if you are a human being, leave this field blank….