The Us Taliban Peace Agreement

The next step in the process, talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government or „intra-Afghan negotiations,“ will focus on a genuine „peace agreement.“ The internal cohesion and weaknesses of the Afghan government and the Taliban will also play a role in the ability of all parties, including the United States, to implement these agreements. Afghan peace talks: The woman who negotiated with the Taliban and the second of the Taliban must resolve issues relating to the composition of a future Afghan state so that the negotiations can be considered a success. The Afghan government and the Taliban will have to address fundamental ideological concerns, as well as deep and practical concerns about power-sharing, transitional justice and disarmament, the demobilization and reintegration of the Taliban into the Afghan security forces. The Taliban`s stated goal for Afghanistan was to restore the overthrown Islamic Emirate in 2001. If the Taliban take their participation in these negotiations seriously and enter into a power-sharing agreement with the Afghan government, they must be flexible and willing to compromise, including for others. Given the pace of progress, discussions are expected to continue and their outcome is uncertain. But after years of conflict, there has been little stalemate on the battlefield, but they represent at least a chance for peace for Afghans. Since the agreement between the United States and the Taliban, violence has even escalated in Afghanistan. Some Taliban fighters have insisted that they continue their jihad „until an Islamic system is in place,“ raising concerns that the organization does not feel genuinely committed to peace.

The Taliban are themselves a divided house whose political leaders sign the agreement, but the commanders on the ground may not be on board. These commanders are younger and combat-tested and have fought in difficult and isolated parts of the country. They are at the heart of the Taliban and many have their own agendas that could be at odds with the peace agreement. Based on publicly available information, I found that the Taliban met only two of the seven conditions set out in their peace agreement with the United States: the release of 1,000 Afghan prisoners and participation in talks with the Afghan government. The agreement, officially titled „The Agreement for Peace in Afghanistan,“ does not end beyond three pages and is written in three languages; Dari, Pashtu and English.