Wicklow County Council Tenancy Agreement

The lessor can only terminate a Part 4 lease under the following circumstances: If you do not meet your obligations, your landlord will only have to terminate you 28 days in advance, regardless of the length of your lease. However, if your behaviour is seriously antisocial or threatens the structure of the property, the owner should only give you a delay seven days in advance. Section 17, paragraph 1, points (a) and b) of the 2004 Act defines the nature of serious antisocial behaviour for which a seven-day dismissal is permitted. If you manage to find a house of your choice to rent from the landlord, if the local authority gets an agreement with the landlord, the local authority will rent it and pay the rent directly to the landlord. Contact your local authority to find out if this scheme is available in your area. ras@wicklowcoco.ie (RAS, accommodation for rent) Landlords and tenants may also agree to a longer notice period, but the maximum is 70 days if the rent has lasted less than six months. Some local authorities also have a housing system for asylum seekers, a form of social housing where you will find housing, and if the landlord accepts the property, the local authority will rent it to the landlord on your behalf and you will in turn pay the rent to the local authority at a fixed and affordable price. The municipality can also offer you apartments that are not communal rents, for example a house. B as part of the rental program. The Housing Leasing Program (SAR) is for people who receive a supplement and have long-term housing needs that cannot be financed by their income. In general, people who receive the rent supplement for more than 18 months are considered for SAR. Your municipality is negotiating a lease. They always pay rent to the municipality.

The 2004 Residential Rent Act regulates the relationship between landlord and tenant, which means, for example, that disputes can be referred to the Private Residential Tenancies Board. For more information on your rights and obligations as private tenants, visit www.citizensinformation.ie and www.threshold.ie.