Introducer Fee And Commission Agreements

The pricing clause may be arranged to function as a no-win-no-fee agreement, under which the importer is not entitled to a fee in the absence of an agreement between the supplier and a potential customer. While there may be a number of proposals that appear to cover recommendation pricing agreements, these will not take into account the specific needs of customers and may therefore not reflect the intention of the parties; something that will be problematic in the event of a dispute and could well result in additional costs if the parties try to resolve this issue. 3.1.3 provide time to participate in meetings and presentations organized by the importer; It`s a general misunderstanding that you save time and money by having others provide their standard form agreements. However, the best way to guarantee your right to a fee is to take control of the terms of your pricing agreement. Another party`s treaty is unlikely to protect your interests. If you don`t have a suitable contract, you may not receive the fees you should: Does the contract cover you, for example, if the investor is offered a purchase opportunity, but then agrees to grant a loan instead? Or if the investor invests in another project? Or if the purchase price is payable in instalments or in insolent consideration? Or if the investment is not made by the investor you introduced, but by a close party? All these situations can be approached in black and white if you have the right contract. The presentation agreement is provided in Microsoft Word format and is about 8 pages long. .