Trips Agreement Vaccine

Despite its current flexibilities, the TRIPS Agreement establishes barriers to access and prevents an „exchange of useful knowledge and technology transfer“ in the areas most important to countries facing a pandemic. It is therefore essential that patent protection for treatments and vaccines as well as other intellectual property protection measures be temporarily removed from the agreement with regard to COVID-19 control measures. In other words, the vaccines developed by these companies were developed in whole or in part with taxpayers` money. These vaccines are essentially human-owned – and yet people are about to pay for them again and with little chance of getting as much as they need fairly quickly. As some reports would see, this is the beginning of the end. At the WTO meeting, governments will discuss a proposal by India and South Africa to temporarily waive certain provisions of the trade aspects of the ad hoc agreement (Intellectual Property Rights). The proposal would facilitate technology transfer, so that Covid 19 medical devices, including vaccines, could be manufactured quickly and cheaply by manufacturers around the world. Higher-income countries have already reached agreements to buy back the vast majority of the world`s potential vaccine stocks by 2021, which would help improve access for people living in low-income countries. „India and South Africa`s proposal is intended to help governments address the onsulating global health crisis,“ said Bruno Stagno Ugarte, deputy executive director for advocacy at Human Rights Watch.